Continuous integration (CI)
Take advantage of continuous integration to improve software development quality and speed. We use Devops build apps in the cloud and deploy to Azure, each time you commit code, it’s automatically built and tested—so bugs are detected faster.
Continuous delivery (CD)
Ensure that code and infrastructure are always in a production-deployable state, with continuous delivery. By combining continuous integration and infrastructure as code (IaC), you’ll achieve identical deployments and the confidence you need to manually deploy to production at any time.
Continuous deployment with CI/CD
With continuous deployment, you can automate the entire process from code commit to production if your CI/CD tests are successful. Using CI/CD practices, paired with monitoring tools, you’ll be able to safely deliver features to your customers as soon as they’re ready.

Build Faster.Automate Faster.

Our cloud-based process automation gives companies the power to create modern applications, automate workflows and accelerate their digital transformation strategy.

We quickly help to deliver both simple solutions and mission-critical projects, while keeping data secure and in compliance with your company and legislative policies.


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